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Welcome to the Social Intranet: Workers & Companies of the World Unite

Social Intranet eBookToday’s workforce is demanding a consumer-grade experience—like they enjoy in their personal lives—to access HR services, and bring about new levels of collaboration using social and mobile tools in the workplace. Some businesses are reluctant to invest more time and others to spend more money on their legacy corporate intranets, what remains of a once-painstaking effort by HR to improve service delivery.

Envisioned as a single online destination to meet workforce information, transaction and collaboration needs while delivering real-time business and talent intelligence to executives, first-generation intranets didn’t fail because they were a bad idea. These intranets failed because HR and IT didn’t create a compelling and valuable user experience.

Cloud, mobile and social technologies offer ways to expand the delivery of HR information to employees using a set of robust tools that provide anytime, anywhere access to organizational information, knowledge, expertise and tools—all designed with the employee experience in mind. This critical shift in providing a compelling employee experience is allowing portals to have not only a dramatic impact on productivity and efficiency, but employee engagement as well.