Path to Cloudsourcing White Paper

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Path to Cloudsourcing WhitepaperCompanies are changing the way they source business solutions from the cloud. Enterprises started adopting the cloud at the edge. It was driven by the business, and completely opportunistic. The result was a haphazard set of applications and platforms, each a separate silo to manage and maintain.

Now, companies are becoming much more systematic about how they adopt the cloud. That is the first step in the emerging trend called "cloudsourcing" -- sourcing complete business solutions from one or more cloud platforms. Over time, more and more businesses will decide that they do not need to be in the business of managing a data center at all.

This transition will not occur overnight; CIOs will undertake this journey in steps. What will the path to running the business from the cloud look like? What are the key drivers, challenges and benefits?

This paper will help enterprises "think bigger" about the cloud and explore their path to cloudsourcing.