Solve User Challenges and Reach Full Adoption

A company can invest in a cutting-edge marketing automation tool and have big expectations for everything it wants to accomplish, but reaching your new achievements comes down to an essential factor: your users.

To help you overcome any resistance or reluctance, Appirio’s free ebook, The User Side of Marketing Automation: Overcoming the Adoption Challenges, discusses the essential steps of an effective rollout:

  • Communicate why marketing automation is needed, its benefits and when it will be rolled out.
  • Map out your teams’ commonalities and differences.
  • Provide training on how users will be able to automate tasks and personalize campaigns.
  • Offer post-rollout support and create a team of influencers who can encourage their peers.
  • Measure team use and campaign results.
  • Monitor company maturity and encourage adoption of new tactics and features.

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