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Unlock the Full Value of Your Salesforce Solution with Expert Strategy

Struggling with student and faculty engagement? Not getting the full view and understanding of your fundraising efforts? Have an action plan but missing the software, tools, and processes to make it happen? Full-scale Salesforce solutions and Higher Ed-focused strategies and accelerators will help you change that.

Student and faculty expect seamless consumer-grade digital experiences. They’re tired of logging into antiquated systems, re-entering information, and navigating confusing, user-unfriendly menus.

Let’s close that experience gap together. Get on the accelerated track to a unified brand experience and give your students, faculty, alumni, and administrators a 360-degree view of their data so they can make better connections, work smarter, and serve up more of what constituents want, where they want it.

Most importantly, working with Salesforce and our team will help you create and amplify an engaged culture at every stage of the journey and ensure they keep moving seamlessly from one stage to another.

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How Can We Help?

Many colleges and universities employ broken business models. See how Salesforce and our expert-led strategists can help you deliver a unified brand experience that can attract, engage, and retain your target constituents.

Strategy, UX Design & App Development

Disruptive innovators in Higher Ed are embracing digital experiences. Take a key step toward quick wins and future gains after our research exploration workshops.

Implementation & Integration

If you initiate change, you’re in a better position to manage it. Get started with full-service audits and embark on a highly collaborative and iterative journey. Break down the walls between siloed systems and bring your unified brand vision to life.

Change Enablement & Managed Services

Increase adoption with change enablement approaches that teach your teams how to adopt behaviors that will help you realize transformative business results. Success isn’t a one-off win, it requires continuous planning, management, and strategic repositioning through managed services.

University of San Francisco (USF) Streamlines Digital Learning & Increases Engagement

The USF faculty recognized they had achieved a 360-degree view of their students and decided they would extend this digital experience by providing their students with a complete view of the university. Understanding their students possessed a high level of technical literacy, USF sought to streamline and simplify the student digital experience. In collaboration with Appirio’s Higher Education team, they centralized all university data into a single source from multiple platforms, enabling students to view up-to-date academic details, multiple calendars, upcoming tasks, and referrals.​ Students were also able to easily connect with their designated Academic Success team within USF’s student community for tutoring assistance.

By partnering with Appirio, the university accomplished its goal of a 360 student experience, and today their student body is more engaged and inspired, with streamlined access to learning resources and more opportunities for academic success.

Georgetown University Creates Better Experiences On Campus and Beyond

Proof that a major urban university can provide a sense of community can be found in Georgetown 360 (GU360). This CRM interface provides students, staff, faculty, and alumni with an interactive, personalized experience. Based on Appirio’s expertise, this flexible solution enables Georgetown staff to meet the separate needs of their undergraduate and graduate schools, increase faculty engagement and satisfaction, and provide employees with a unified CRM management experience that breaks down technical silos.​

Today more than 4,000 students. 160,000 alumni, and 2,500 faculty members engage with Georgetown 360 regularly, bringing the unique experience Georgetown offers on campus to each digital interaction.

Personalize Experiences throughout the University Lifecycle

Supercharge student engagement and success with an award-winning Salesforce Community template with a pre-built modern user interface that can quickly and easily be scaled to your education institution’s entire student body.

Features & Benefits of the Higher Ed Student Experience Bolt:

  • Creates a single, unified brand experience with personalization at scale
  • Makes it easier for students to connect with other students, faculty, and staff
  • Decreases Salesforce implementation efforts and accelerates time to market and value
  • Gives students the resources they need to thrive from orientation to graduation and beyond
  • Provides a 360 view of student academics, financials, campus events, and communications in one place

Begin Your Journey to Better Student Experiences

Workshop - 5-8 week engagement provides a week with a Higher Ed technical lead dedicated to installation, deployment, training, and customization of your Salesforce Community Cloud -- plus a bucket of hours for development and UI to get you up and running.

Full Project Delivery - 7-12 week engagement provides a full development built to your specifications.

Taking the Student Experience to a Whole New Level at USF

Discover how USF and Appirio partnered to deliver more personalized student experiences and increase engagement on campus and beyond.