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Unlock the Full Value of Salesforce and Improve Customer Engagement

The insurance industry focuses on delivering amazing customer experiences, especially when servicing policies

  • Get a complete view of all service requests submitted through the Web, social media channels, emails, and call centers. Prioritize inquiries based on urgency and ensure the right person is on the case.
  • Provide customers with support on a moment’s notice with SOS video chat and real-time interactions from any device. The platform's self-service capabilities enable customers to keep tabs on their claims at any time and provide additional peace of mind when they need it most.
  • Allow agents (broker and captive) to quickly access up-to-date product information, quotes, and risk assessment information. With a streamlined means of assessing products and evaluating policyholders, they can provide rapid service and clear explanations of policies to prospective clients.
  • Lay the groundwork for a focus on outcomes-based medicine, as our population's health increases in importance. Comprehensive care plans and collaborative approaches can help your organization move the patient to the center of medicine.

An increasingly competitive marketplace is driving provider consolidation. Providers are increasingly looking for new CRM solutions to differentiate themselves.

  • Identify referrals likely to consume services from individual providers, whether boutique services such as therapy or chronic care management for diabetes and kidney disease.
  • Create a care plan to cross providers and ensure key data points are leveraged to manage the overall population.
  • Provide a security model that enables a provider to have a full, 360-degree view of clients, financially and medically, but still maintain ethical and legal walls around PII and HIPAA.
  • Track patient visits and interactions to gain insights into which actions are producing the best results.
  • Drive better interactions and services to streamline the payment and approval processes for pre-authorization of treatment.

Providing new and innovative ways to market drugs in the age of increased regulation and privacy is an ongoing challenge. Reducing costs and time to market for drugs becomes crucial to unlocking extensive R&D investments.

  • Innovative digital opportunities exist for providing healthcare professionals with education and awareness networking opportunities: sites, congresses, and key opinion leaders.
  • Finding a way to market the right product to the right patients (at the right time!) is the best opportunity for gaining additional sales, but the patient has to continue the adherence program.
  • Servicing interactions to understand complaints and the associated documentation to prove to regulatory bodies becomes cumbersome. Your team needs the ability to investigate the complaints through the R&D and manufacturing processes.
  • Building internal processes and capabilities to drive employee engagement and training. Connecting with researchers and physicians to expand their R&D efforts and drive new knowledge into the organization.

Med Devices
Medical device manufacturers are focused on supplying capital equipment and consumables to their customers. Innovation in technology like IoT is changing their engagement processes.

  • Provide a way to deliver an integrated service model that meets the needs of all constituents both internally and externally.
  • Unify a single view of a customer, whether a doctor or delivery network. The organization can then recognize that person across all interactions and lines of business and eliminate a fragmented experience.
  • Simplify the complicated process of configuring and pricing new equipment. Different product configurations depend on the size of the location, and different prices are based on buying groups and negotiation heads. Rebates add another layer of complexity to the program, providing after-transaction discounts.
  • In a competitive marketplace, how do organizations ensure that they are driving repeatable revenue through consumables through the use of kits and inventory management processes? How do we ensure that we can appropriately manage consignment inventory through these programs?

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Patient Onboarding Shouldn’t be a Headache for Patients and Providers

How Can We Help You?

Appirio’s Patient Care Management Bolt is our latest solution aimed at supercharging patient engagement and arming health teams with the tools that enable transparency, collaboration, and better communication between providers, and between providers and patients (and their families). The results are better health outcomes and higher patient satisfaction scores. Based on real-life lessons and insights gleaned from our award-winning work with Ashfield Healthcare, this Bolt provides a solution to the problems patients and health workers encounter every day.

To learn more about the Patient Care Management Bolt, talk to a Health and Life Sciences expert today.

How Can We Help You?

Appirio's Patient Onboarding Bolt is the perfect Health Cloud accelerator for provider organizations that are looking to create a digital handle between a provider and its patients. This solution enables providers to welcome patients, collect patient intake form data, and give patients a positive first impression in a seamless, time-efficient manner. Say goodbye to waiting room frustration by giving patients more ways to access their data, and give your staff more time to focus on their needs by minimizing paperwork and reducing transcription error risk.

To learn more about the Patient Care Management Bolt, talk to a Health and Life Sciences expert today.

Innovating the Patient Experience with Salesforce: Ashfield Healthcare