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Modernize the Customer Experience and Manufacturing Process with Salesforce

In the Age of Access and Automation, modernizing the customer experience and its supporting processes should be among your top priorities.

Positive customer experience empowers manufacturers to successfully climb up their customers’ value chain. Beyond this, customer experience is also the lynchpin of all successful digital transformation efforts.

Digital Transformation initiatives are making manufacturing work to anticipate and resolve product issues using predictive service models. For you, that means looking beyond the physical product by using Digital Transformation to create subscription service models with recurring revenues.

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Embrace Manufacturing's Digital Transformation Era

Catapult your company’s value by delivering delightful experiences and valuable products through collaboration. With Salesforce, you can involve partners and customers in the innovation process.

Design products your customers want

Leverage smart features to improve asset utilization, quality compliance, and reduce support costs.

Predictive service models

Increase your product uptime through support programs that anticipate service and replacement needs.

Create subscription service models

Make it easier for customers to initiate services or find information on their products, orders, invoices, and more.

Rehrig Pacific: Cutting Waste with Salesforce

Rehrig's customers are large waste haulers and municipalities that handle collections and maintenance. They needed a product they could upsell to their customers as an additional way to convince them to purchase Rehrig containers over others.

How Appirio Helped:
We created an Intelligent Collection System with Salesforce Communities.

  • Delivered a modern, trackable system for the collection experience that closed the gaps between drivers, customers, and companies
  • Customized reporting and dashboards gave users the ability to choose from a pre-built set of dozens of widgets (Salesforce dashboard charts) to display for their custom dashboards, or they can modify widgets to create their own
  • Live mapping allows users to plot a day's planned collections, see the current location of all trucks, view the status of collections and maintenance tasks directly from the map, as well as view the route driven by a truck

Discover how Rehrig Pacific and Appirio partnered to manufacture a whole new user experience. How can Appirio help your business?