What Cloud Computing Can Do For Your Enterprise
Lessons from the second generation of cloud adopters

Hosted by Phil Wainewright, one of the preeminent commentators in SaaS and cloud computing, this webinar explores how enterprises are benefiting from making the cloud an integral part of their information systems. Join us as we discuss the benefits that organizations can expect by building on and using on-demand platforms, as well as the challenges that teams may likely encounter.

This webinar features insights and best practices from Appirio, a company that has not only made the journey itself to become a serverless enterprise but one who has helped hundreds of other companies accelerate their adoption of on-demand.

Listeners will also hear from Author Solutions, a leading publishing company that recently moved its core business to the cloud, with a lively discussion and open Q&A on how its use of on-demand has impacted the business and its customers.

Who Should Watch This Webinar?

  • Mid-level to senior business and IT professionals interested in on-demand platforms
  • Companies who may have invested in a single SaaS application but are looking to make the next step
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