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State of the Public Cloud: The Cloud Adopters' Perspective

To understand the cloud adopter perspective, Appirio worked with Itracks, a leading online market research firm, to survey IT decision makers at 150+ mid-to-large sized North American companies (all with >500 employees, 65% with over 1000 employees) who had already adopted at least one leading SaaS or cloud application. We wanted to learn from these cloud adopters.

  • Why did they adopt cloud solutions?
  • What have they experienced in terms of real results?
  • What are their plans for future cloud adoption?
  • What are the current and future challenges of their cloud environments?

By better understanding the experiences and challenges of those who are already using public cloud applications and platforms in their organizations, we can all better prepare for a future in which most agree cloud solutions will play a larger and more significant role. In many cases the differences between what cloud adopters report and what other market surveys say are stark. Here are the results.